Lecture on the role of warriors and traders [Archives:2004/777/Local News]

September 30 2004

Taiz Bureau
A cultural lecture was delivered on Thursday 23rd September at Al-Sa'eed Cultural Forum (AFC), in celebration of the 42nd anniversary of the September 26th Revolution. Al-Sa'eed Foundation for Science and Culture (AFSC) organized the lecture, which was conducted by Faisal Madhaji. Dr. Abdullah Al-Dhaifani delivered a historical lecture on the September 26th Revolution, its roots and the role of warriors and traders in sustaining the revolutionary movement that preceded the 1948 revolution. This included issuing “the wisdom magazine” in 1938, and founding the liberal party in 1944, and a number of secondary schools in 1947 in many Yemeni cities. The lecturer said that there are no available documents to show us the facts, and that there are many distorted books in need of rectification.
Dr. Al-Dhaifani answered many questions raised by the attendants about the Revolutionaries and their recurrent attempts to erupt against tyranny.