Leftover mines and explosives pollute Saada [Archives:2005/896/Local News]

November 21 2005

Hassan Al-Zaidi
SAADA – Yemen – Thurs. Nov.17- The latest victim of the armed conflict among government forces and Alhouthi followers is toddler Dhiafalla Al-balawi, who died last week, after his sister found a grenade in their whereabouts of her goats near their home, left by the governmental forces which were in the area, the grenade fell from the sister's hand onto the ground, injuring her and killing her toddler brother.

Haidan district in Saada witnessed sever fighting with Alhouthi insurgents and the government forces, resulting in polluting the area with mines, explosive and other hazardous materials. Social personalities in the area which witnessed the conflict demanded a formation of a specialized committee to collect the mine and other explosives left over by the army. These are left scattered in mountains and valleys, endangering the lives of many people and children in the area. They have also invited international organizations and the press to have first hand experiences on the suffering of the elderly, women, children, and livestock as a resulting of their districting almost becoming a minefield.