Legal Lawsuit against Al-Qasemi [Archives:2001/35/Front Page]

August 27 2001

Last week, the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate (YJS) approved a request, made by some Yemeni journalists, to file a lawsuit against Khalid Al-Qasemi of the United Arab Emirates.
Al-Qasemi who arrived in Sana’a last Tuesday, burst into the YJS premises escorted by eight armed personnels. According to a statement made by the Board of the YJS “Al-Qasemi not only uttered words of insult and also made derogatory remarks against the Yemeni journalists who were present, he also went on so far as to threaten them”. The Board of the YJS had received a complaint filed against Al-Qasemi by journalists and staff of the YJS who were present when Al-Qasemi violently entered the YJS’s HQ. Al-Qasemi also insulted Mr. Sadiq Nashir and irresponsibly accused him of mercenary and treason.
He further uttered derogatory words against some Yemeni political parties” in the presence of YJS journalists.
Al-Qasemi who was awarded the “Unity Medal” arrived in a presidential limousine with a police escort.
A statement by the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate said that Al-Qasemi met with the leadership of the YJS last Saturday and expressed his willingness to hold a meeting with those journalists who had criticized and defamed him (according to the statement). The leadership of the YJS and Al-Qasemi agreed to hold the meeting next Tuesday but the concerned parties apologized for their inability to attend it due to prior engagements.
The statement added that the leadership of the YJS informed Al-Qasemi of the delay a day prior to the meeting. However, Al-Qasemi burst into the YJS’s premises on the next day without any appointment while the administration of the YJS was absent. ” The conduct of Al-Qasemi is totally unethical, unprofessional and inconsistent with the conduct of a foreign guest. Above all he had committed a crime which is aimed at harming Yemen and its people” a journalist said.