Legislation, From Bad to Worse [Archives:2000/08/Local News]

January 21 2000

Mr. Alaa Qauod from  the Human Rights Watch(HRW), New York, visited Yemen last weak. During the visit, he met  a number of journalists, lawyers, intellectuals, politicians and social figures in Aden, Taiz and Sanaa. In his visit to Yemen Times offices in Sanaa at the end of last weak he expressed his gladness with the paper, its focus on human rights as well as the its publication of human rights reports, that would raise the peoples awareness about journalism, women and children rights and torture issues, he said. 
Speaking about legislation, he said that they were moving from bad to worse and that Yemen needed a work team that believed in human rights. 
Mr. Qauod left for USA Friday 18 after promising of another visit to enhance the role of HRW in Yemen.