“Legitimate” demonstrations continue [Archives:2007/1086/Local News]

September 17 2007

Mohammed bin Sallam
HADRAMOUT, Sept. 16 ) Media and local sources from Hadramout governorate have mentioned that security forces dispersed, last Friday evening, a big crowd of angry demonstrators amounting to 3,000, with flood nozzles.

The demonstrators chanted mottos like “for your cause detainees!” and raised red and black signs together with the photo of youth Salah Sa'eed Al-Qahom, who was killed during the march on the first of September. They also raised photos of Socialist leader Hasan Ahmed Ba'aum, demanding immediate release of detainees held over the demonstrations.

In the early hours of the demonstration, security forces arrested the chairman of Yemeni Unionist Congregation Nasser Baqazcuz, accusing him of inciting people to demonstrate. They also arrested a member of the local council, Saleh bin Hamel, as well as nine other people whose identities are unknown.

Citizens complained their houses and shops got damaged by the heavy water sprayed by flood nozzles used by security forces.

Meanwhile, the Coordinating Authority of Political and Popular and Civil Society Forces denounced the new arrests which involved many citizens and the excessive use of force while dispersing a peaceful marching.

It also called upon all organizations interested in human rights inside and outside the country to intervene in an effort to stop the bloody scene in Al-Mukulla.

In an interview with Dialogue Forum, the chairman of the Sons of Yemen League Party, Abdurrahman Al-Jifr, pointed out that “we raised comprehensive solutions regarding thorough reforms. The pensioners issue could have been tackled right from the beginning. They gave people the chance to form assemblies, associations as well as to hold sit-ins. Now after the situation became enormous, we are forming solutions committees. We are in a tense situation and the future will be worse.”

Al-Jifri stressed the legitimacy of holding peaceful demonstration and sit-ins.

“Yemen is ruled by the ruling party followed by other powers. These powers are based on military, tribal and economic foundations. This is the Yemeni situation. We all know that. We say that the president administers everything. In fact, this decision is influenced by several powers and consultants. It sometimes comes out balanced and sometimes does not,” the source maintained.

In his opinion regarding the ongoing demonstrations taking place across the country, Al-Jifri commented: “Unfortunately this issue is more dangerous than you imagine. Some newspapers say that it is a bubble and will vanish. Some other people depict it as a disaster. It is a catastrophe if it is not settled sincerely. I do not mean a military settlement but something based on right and sound decisions followed by immediate implementation. If it is not resolved, the county will face real danger.”

Regarding the rumor that the demonstrations are aroused by external parties, Al-Jifri stated, ” I think we have to forget about this rumor. I do not exclude the involvement of outsider parties in the issue. It is because I don't think it is not important whether there are external hands involved in the problem or not. Countries that have an interest in harming our country will do so. We do not blame them. We have to blame ourselves. We have to foil their plans and develop our country. Yemen is the most significant country in the region, without overstatement. It is the center of the region. The problem is that we do not know the importance of our country and its geographical location. We have missed chances. We have to take precautions because Yemen may separate into more than two parts. The situation is very dangerous.”

Moreover, six lawyers lodged a complaint to the prosecution of Al-Mukalla city and other concerned parties, demanding retribution for the murder of Sallah Sa'eed Al-Qahoom at the hand of military and security forces, during a peaceful demonstration on September 1.

Media sources said that the prosecution started taking proceedings. Furthermore, they have listened to information from eyewitnesses pertaining to the incident.

As to the situation in Al-Dhal'e, Joint Meeting Parties demanded the referrals of police personnel and Al-Dhal'e Security Chief to the judiciary over killing of two demonstrators and the iinjuring several others. Meanwhile, the parties have refuted government accusations that the demonstrators fired on the security forces.

Joint Meeting Parties spokesman, Mohammed Al-Sabri, stated that the state has no right to use the army and security personnel for settling political disputes or breaching the legitimacy of the existing political system built on democracy and pluralism.

Al-Sabri also denounced exploiting the official media for the cause of the ruling party, especially when it used to supporting the parties wrong policies and resolutions.

He added that continuing the wrong policies described by him as “outlawed” will raise the level of congestion among security and army affiliates. Moreover, Al-Sabri condemned mobilizing the official media against the people and renewed the call for correcting the existing dysfunctions of state's public policy.

He concluded by saying that “the bullet will not build justice.”

In brief


7000 pieces of weapons seized and prevented in 20 days

Sept. 14- the ongoing campaign on weapons in the capital Sana'a and provincial capitals had led to curb the acts of land illegal seizure by 80% since the beginning of the interior ministry application of its decision of preventing entrance of weapons to Sana'a and provincial capitals on 23 of last August , according to A security source at the interior ministry of Yemen affirmed. General Mohammed Bin Abdullah al-Qawsi, interior undersecretary for security sector On the other hand the general official and non official members to speed up registration of their bodyguards weapons as stated in the regulation.

mining investments in Yemen

Sept. 15- The International Finance Corporation (IFC) , a member of the World Bank has expected that the mining sector in Yemen might supply the public fund with USD 1 billion per a year if the government could utilize the sector and create a convenient environment for mining investments. The IFC has offered a project to improve the mining environment in Yemen in collaboration with the Yemeni Geological Survey and Mineral Resources Board. The project aims at developing a plan for mining investment in the country to be more attractive for investors basing upon the best international standards. the head of the YGSMRB Ismael al-Janad stated that 4000 Yemeni workers work in 515 mining fields in different governorates and 13 foreign companies are working in the minerals exploration in Yemen.


New archaeological discoveries

Sept, 14- The national archaeological team discovered last week during its excavation operations in al-Shahed location southern Dhafar city, Ibb province, two stores (rooms) inside an ancient building belongs to the 1st – 2nd centuries A.D., the beginning of the Sheba kingdom epoch. the team has managed to reach the end of the building, which was 2.2 m height and the excavation operations found out eight large jars (70 cm height and 60 cm width) were used to store up cereals, adorned cubic-shaped pieces and several number of stony boards (80 _ 65 cm) used to pave flats of the rooms.


WB-supplied projects in Taiz discussed

Sept. 15- Minister of Public Works and Roads Omar al-Kurshomi discussed on Saturday with World Bank's official of the project of municipal improvement and protecting Taiz city from

floods Steven Karam supplementary works of the project the organization would supply at an amount estimated at $20 million as a donation and a loan from the WB during the three forthcoming years.


Ten companies compete to carry out Batis road project

Sept. 13- Ten local and international companies are competing to win tender of carrying out a project of Batis road in Abyan governorate. The $28 million worth project is funded by the Qatari government to link Abyan governorate with Lahj, al-Bida'a and Aden governorates. The governor of Abyan Mohammed Saleh held a meeting with representatives of the contesting companies, affirming the importance of pacing measures of starting works in the project as it is strategic and economic.


New tourist city in Socotra Island

Sept, 16- An informed source stated that investors from UAE, will build a tourist city in Socotra Island. The investion cost is estimated at $5 billion. Head of the General Authority for Islands Development (GAID), Yahya Mutaher said that an investment company from the United Arab Emirates would carry out the project which goes in line with investment opportunities decalred at the conference of exploring investment opportunities in Yemen held in Sana'a last April. Mutaher pointed that other 12 tourist projects would be implemented in the country by investors from the United Arab Emirates.