Let us start with law enforcement [Archives:2003/635/Viewpoint]

May 12 2003

The new government is on the verge of being formed. Ba Jammal is maintaining his position as the premier, and hence little change is expected in the new government. This should be a driving force for all ministers to realize one important thing. They now have a chance to prove themselves and capabilities. They have six years ahead of them, and those years are a good opportunity for them to show that they are sincere in developing Yemen. But I believe that there should be a priority over all other priorities for this government to deal with. And that is law enforcement.
The government can look into issues such as education, health, corruption, mismanagement, population growth, etc. but at the same time, it should also realize that without law enforcement, nothing can be established. I am glad that nowadays fewer tribal sheikhs see themselves above the law. The military forces were able to penetrate deep into lawless areas in central governorates and go after suspects and culprits. They sometimes paid the price valuably by losing lives, but there was no other way to proceed. The government should slowly tighten the grip around those who disrespect laws. It should slowly but gradually fight against those who try to use their influence and bypass the laws including officials and ministers themselves.

We need examples
Let this government demonstrate to us the change of heart that we always wanted. Let those decision- makers be the first to lead us in abiding by the law. It is quite trivial to realize that any effort in making others abide by the law while the leaders don't, will be useless. Unless there is an example to follow, there will always be excuses not to go by the rules.
I am optimistic that the time pace that the government has will allow it to continue the projects it started in developing the country on all fronts. There is no excuse that “time is short and we will be out of office.” I guess that their posts will remain theirs unless something unexpected happens. Let there be no doubt that law enforcement is the first priority for any nation willing to support the values of a civil state.