Let Your Creativity Speak! You see Yemen today, and you dream about the Yemen it could be [Archives:2006/994/Local News]

October 30 2006

CALGARY, Oct 29 ) Shabab Yemeni (SY) has launched its first youth contest, Let Your Creativity Speak! This contest was launched to recognize and appreciate talented Yemeni youth of ages between 16 and 28, and provide them with a medium to share their talents. There are two ways in which Yemeni youth can participate in Let Your Creativity Speak! One is through an article entry where the theme for the writing component is The Yemen it could be. Details about the theme, entry and participation guidelines, and how you can submit your work is found in the contest package found in the Shabab Yemeni website www.shababyemeni.com.

The contest encourages participants to dreaming about various aspects of improvement. Such as a better education system, a poverty-less nation, a flourishing film and art industry, a competing economy, homemade technology, a nationalized health care system or even preserving the environment. The article should propose a solution to improve one area, which will make Yemen the country it could be. Let Your Creativity Speak also includes a photo entry contest where motion is the theme for the photo entries. The candidate is required to focus their camera on anything in motion and send it to us. Any photo capturing movement fits the criteria of the motion theme.

For each of those two components the first prize is for this contest is $300 CDN and the second prize is $150 CDN. The deadline for all entries is January 20th, 2006.

Shabab Yemeni is a pure youth effort formulating a youth newsletter established in May 2004. SY is a non-political, independent newsletter with a goal to share knowledge, experiences, and resources among Yemeni youth. The vision of this initiative is to help establish a solid base for Yemeni Youth from which inert powers can be triggered and actuated to build a better future. It aims at doing so through increasing awareness among Yemeni youth and share knowledge and experiences, highlighting and bringing attention to youth activities inside and outside Yemen, and installing confidence in Yemeni youth to create positive change in their society.