LET’s Know Ourselves Enslaved Mind [Archives:2001/30/Culture]

July 23 2001

Ali Kaheli

Are We Free?
In the previous issue we realized that we were not free and that we had a proclivity to be enslaved. In this issue we discuss and analyze this proclivity. Here we have a two major points: slavery and enslaving.
Slavery and enslaving
Man as a creature is a slave and he always tends to be enslaved by principle. His freedom is limited to choose these principles. Slavery, therefore has made man choose certain principles. This feeling of slavery, is the force that makes man willingly become enslaved. As any criteria require its believers to automatically act and behave to protect and spread, this is what we can call enslaving.
Slavery copes with our spirits. We have a proclivity to give our spirits to someone, something or to certain principles, which we automatically behave to satisfy. As slavery is the stage where we willingly lose our freedom, it is greatly influenced by our instinctive bodily desires: food, sex and power. To fulfill these bodily desires, many of us let there spirit and feelings be enslaved by their bodily desires imposing the worst methods of slavery and enslaving.
Here they reverse the normal nature of man whose spirit must curb his materialistic desires. Thus they run eagerly after money and power sacrificing every thing on their way and at the expense of their principles, dignity and humanity.
Such people gradually lose the humane meanings in their spirits such as: faithfulness, love, honesty, thoughtfulness, etc. They could eventually turn to become animal-like creatures.
Enslaving can be easily seen in actions done by our bodies serving our slavery. It is easier to feel and notice enslaving than slavery in a human being. Enslaving is of two kinds: optional and obligatory. It is optional when it is emerging from slavery with harmony and coherence. In this case we are willingly enslaved, because the harmony between our spirits and our actions leads to psychological balance and makes us feel free while we are enslaving.
Obligatory enslaving is an old phenomenon that was popular several years ago. Nowadays it is more popular but in different forms. When the person, who has money and power, makes others do what they hate, he is enslaving them. When a helpless person steals due to poverty, he obligatorily enslaves himself. Economically powerful countries practice this kind of enslaving when they impose their desires and interests on other weaker countries. Raping innocent girls and the prostitution of a poor helpless woman are other examples of obligatory enslaving. Therefore it is the duty of charitable organizations of democratic countries and intellectual individuals to stop this kind of enslaving that is against humane values.
The moment when we choose the way of our slavery and enslaving is the only moment of freedom we have. This moment of freedom is the turning point in our lives. The choice we make at this moment is crucial and draws the fate of our lives.
Man makes his choice automatically after being influenced by his environmental principles, despite the great importance of his choice. Thus he is usually enslaved by principles, which is the very truth that he has never thought of. It is only knowledge that he obtains, especially from reading that presents him with new insights and choices. Therefore, the knowledgeable man can think of his choice, change it and finally find out the right one of his slavery and enslaving.