Let’s not forget our past [Archives:2002/41/Culture]

October 7 2002


mujahed75ye@ yahoo.com
We Yemenis, should ask ourselves, do we really value our heritage? Do we really appreciate the value of historical cities like old Sana’a, Zabid, Sa’ada, Tareem, Shebam Jebla?
Do Yemeni people, especially those who are educated, feel worried about the suffering of our historical cities? Do we recognize the seriousness of the deterioration and collapse that is sweeping on our historical heritage?
The destruction of the Ghamadan Palace is a historical example of a loss of ours that is incomparable. It is believed that if the palace still existed, it might be one of the world’s great wonders. We read of its mythical stories and unmatched design. We still remain proud of it.
The palace was destructed 1,400 years ago and so we share no responsibility for that catastrophe. In fact, we are not accountable for any of the historical assets which destroyed hundreds of years ago. But on the other hand, we are responsible for what is happening to our historical cities now.
It is pity to confess that the social cultural and economic values of the Yemeni historical cities are not occupying more significance among most Yemenis, whether they be in the government or private citizens. Why is this?
We have read or heard about many historical building which has collapsed recently due the lack of care of its owners, some of whom have left to other places, leaving these valuable heritages to become ruins.
What a big disaster to wait others to reserve and protect our historical cities while we do nothing. Most of us are not even aware of their value.
I’m afraid we will recognize this fact too late and be held accountable by the human heritage courts because we have forgotten our history and identity.