“Level One General Survey for Landmines”  Held Today [Archives:1999/33/Local News]

August 16 1999

The General National Program inaugurated the demining of the first group of land mines discovered in the field C6 in Beer Amduraimy, Aden. At the same time, more than 1000 bombs, mines and cannonballs found in various areas in Aden and Lahj were also demined. 
These activities are carried on by national teams which have received high training by American experts. It is worth mentioning that the National Program demined more than 4000 missiles during the three last months.
On the other hand, a workshop on the project of the “Level One General Survey for Land mines and UXO” is held today 16th, 8, 1999. The workshop is attended by many related organizations. The project costs $ 2.000.000 and is sponsored by Canada and other countries.