Lia, My Friend [Archives:2003/663/Education]

August 28 2003

By Dr. N. Ramachandran Nair
Ah! The invisible bond of love's grip
That implants one in the bower of friendship!
A shakehand, a not, or a smile transforms
Casual contacts to inviolable ties.

Friendship knows no language.
All barriers break when friends engage
In a tete-a-tete or give and take
To make an everlasting bridge.

Sheathed in love, steeped in selflessness,
My lanky friend, Lia, grows in stature
Through his acts of service, selfless
Brimming with 'gives' and no 'takes'.

Lia, the besmiling tireless worker
Strives to learn and earn without a murmur
He tries to keep time
He caresses his 'Cressida' to ride.

His snow-white seven angels, active,
Coupled with his besmiling wife
Make him a blessed empror
In the 'Moghul' corridors of power.

Lia's philosophy oflife,
Rest on 'connecting people' all around.
In him the concept of 'one world'
Through Yemen and India becomes 'live'.

Lia, with a difference, in 'a worker',
His avowed mission is to foster
Fraternal bonds for living
Through meetings and sharing ever abiding.

Ah! The future of this brave new World
Honestly, if one thinks, is bound
To such 'rare specimens' turned
To precious human gems like, Lia, my friend.