Life As We Know It [Archives:1998/30/Social]

July 27 1998

Waffa Alawi Nasser,
Yemen Times

How can we describe the meaning of life? I’d say life is a continuous responsibility, think of it as employment. We’re born, and not long after we immediately have a job to do, it’s called life. We stop, look and listen, we gather information from our parents and the people around us. Obviously as children, we’re most vulnerable to all that is around us. It’s up to the adults to treat us wisely and set a good example.
As we grow older, we have enough knowledge and courage to fend for ourselves, or so it seems. All human beings are constantly under pressure. We observe many failures, we’re always being reminded to do our best, but what is our best?
We’re all different, yet we fear the same, we hope the same, we all have the same dream. We dream of peace and harmony, as God intended. Our job is to look after ourselves and our loved ones. Yet this seems incredibly hard when we think of poverty, sickness and oppression. For example, I’ve observed how some Yemenis live. They’re struggling to stay alive, but at the end of the day, they still have the power to remain faithful. I do actually admire and respect the Yemeni people. Life is what you make it, not what you expect from it. For example, I may expect happiness, but it doesn’t mean I’ll get it though. Life is a circle of trials and tribulations. Here are a few of the most important factors affecting our lives and the world as we know it.
Starvation & Greed
As God made us all equal, why should one be greedy while another is hungry. Also, if God created this world fully equipped with all that we need, then why is one country dying of starvation, while another country is over fed?
We’re meant to live together in harmony, it is better to give than to receive. The word “sharing” is something we should all contemplate. Have you ever heard the story of the Good Samaritan? If not, then you should. Why not share our goods? Food is not going to run away, a small difference can really save a person’s life, these people are poor but loyal. Don’t worry if you share your resources, you’re not going to die instantly! I can not simply sit back and watch this suffering continue, but what can I do without the support of others?
Some people are in despair, while others have all they could wish for. But while all of this is going on, there is something else to consider… Satan! After Satan fell down from heaven, His intentions were to cause continuous turmoil on earth. So, do you think that some people are being influenced or even brainwashed by the devil, so much so, that the people in control are the ones actually causing these problems? Who or what is behind this horrifying aspect of starvation and greed?
This world is full of religious wars as it always has been. Don’t you think it’s because we’re selfish? Yes, we all have different beliefs according to our religion, but at the end of the day there is only one God. This is where many people become confused and disillusioned. For example, if I had something of great value and another person wanted to take it for themselves, then obviously I’d say no. I would not allow somebody to take what is rightfully mine. However, I can share. And that’s what is happening today.
People are fighting with each other, probably thinking that God is for their religion only. God is for everybody. We pray to the same God even if we have different beliefs. We did not invent these rules, God did, so why are we fighting? God said we must respect all religions, but worship only one. We must share in the worshipping of Him. There are reasonable solutions out there, because God created them.
Racism & Fascism:
Why do we feel we have the right to hate? If somebody hated me for some irrelevant reason, then obviously I would be distraught. If somebody is different from you, well then so what? What difference does it make, we’re all human beings.If it’s fine by God, then it’s fine by us.
Why should somebody of “great importance” have many advantages, while somebody of “little importance” have no advantages? It’s the children who possess more common sense. For example, if a child asks you, “why do you hate me?” and you say “I don’t know”, then the child would simply say “well don’t if you have no reason”, simple solution isn’t it!
War & Destruction:
War, a small word yet means so much. Just look at Palestine and Israel for example, or Northern Ireland. It’s a sin, it is simply not a matter of “winner takes all”, or “who dares wins”. Again, if a child were to ask you “why are you fighting?” and you replied “I have no relevant reason” then again the child would simply say “well don’t”. Another fast and simple solution, there is a simple but effective phrase which we should all take into consideration, “fight war, not wars”.
Is it true that our country needs us? Or is it the fact that our government needs us? Because, lets face it, without the “ordinary” people, the government will cease to exist. What advantages do we have in this world? Is there actually a perfect system? God said it is wrong to idolize or worship anybody other than Him. So why do some people worship authority? Actually being forced to, this is called oppression. For as long as we live, we will watch OUR world being over-ruled by war and starvation, and we feel helpless, who would even listen to us? After all, we’re considered “ordinary”.
Anarchy is unspeakable here, because we’ve been oppressed yet once again. Of course, there is an endless list of problems facing this world, and we’re responsible, we’re the ones who are being led into ignorance. Ignore the phrase “every man for himself”. We’re together, whether we like it or not. Just stand up and speak, fear not.
Our desires are more respectable than the people who actually ignore us. In my opinion, the word “leaders” does not mean anything. Nobody has the right to lead anyone against their will. They’re not God, it’s not their world, it’s OUR world. I don’t mind if people refuse to take this matter into serious consideration. Although I can just easily say, “Well on your own head be it.” But remember this, time is running out,. So just think about it, PLEASE!