Life in RamadhanUse the Holy Month to improve yourself [Archives:2003/683/Culture]

November 6 2003

By Fatmah Al-Ajel
For the Yemen Times

Ramadhan is the greatest month for Muslims, during which time the Holy Qura’an was revealed to the prophet Mohammed, and during which time the Muslim experiences a check point in his life to review what our prophet had done and to implement his way into our daily lives.
Our prophet said, in the Holy Hadith, that “All the good works for the man himself except the fasting which is for God”. When the man leaves his food, drink and everything; just to satisfy God, Allah will give him all what he needs and wants in this world and the one to come.
Actually, fasting involves a secret relationship between God and His servants. No one can know if a person is fasting or not; just Allah knows, so Muslims must be faithful with Allah and with himself. There are many Muslims who misunderstand the real meaning of fasting. They have different points of views about fasting.
Some people think that fasting means refraining from food, drink and other material stuff that might break the fasting, and that this is enough. And there are other views, that it means to refrain from bad words and actions that might break the fasting.
But the most meaningful view of fasting is action that causes Muslims to show what the advantages and the benefits they are getting from fasting. For example, if he tells lies, this doesn’t improve his behaviors and breaks he s fasting.
What should Muslims do in Ramadhan? Muslim must try to worship God more and more and this is the best way of asking God what he wants from Him. Allah wants people to pray for Him more and more and ask Him for forgiveness ad mercies because Allah loves to hear Muslims ask Him. So ask God to forgive your sins and weakness because God knows better than you.
Also, remember to ask God to forgive the other Muslims especially, the suffering Muslims wherever they may be in the world. Don’t forget that the angels pray to God to forgive us and paradise’s doors are open in this month, and hell’s doors are closed.
There is a lot of lessons that a Muslim learns in Ramadhan. Muslims snow how the poor people suffer hunger, how to make a strong relationship between relatives, neighbors, friends…etc.
Also, Muslims learn how to control themselves and deny their needs for the sake of others. Muslims try to improve their behaviors, personalities and develop their life for better and do the best.
A Muslim’s life is improved in all respects in this holy month.