Life song [Archives:2007/1107/Community]

November 29 2007

By: Nashwan Ahmed Al-Khawlani
[email protected]
Level 4, Ibb University

Friendship is a knot that angels

tie with faith, honesty and trust to a friend.

Friendship is a tree, irrigated

Only by love and faith,

So its roots are more than skin-deep.

Befriend those whose honesty is not for sale.

Befriend those who reach for your hand

When it's too short to grasp,

And can touch your heart

When the dark covers it.

Befriend those who are away,

Observing you as the sun,

Which we ignore, although it enlightens our path.

Befriend those who know everything about you,

Although you are away from them.

Befriend those who know the remedies

Of your heart, sorrow and song,

And those who measure friendship,

Not by how long it is, but how deep.

O, my dear!

Befriend those who try hard to bring

A smile to your face, even though they are sad,

And those who envelope you in a hug

So as not to feel pain or not to be hurt.

Befriend those whom you know; they will put

Soil on your grave out of respect.

Whatever your heart tells you about a friend,

follow him,

Because the heart will not go wrong

With those whom you want to befriend.