Life’s what you make it [Archives:2006/987/Community]

October 5 2006

Shahid Perwej
English Teacher
Sam Yemen International School
[email protected]

If you take interest, evince enthusiasm and do something beyond the sphere of your routine duties, you are bound to excel and attract success. There is always a better way of doing any job and if you wish to excel, you must find that better way.

By actively seeking that better way of doing a thing, you are already on the march, on your way up and making progress. The great and constant urge to do better to bring about improvement and to accomplish more is the mark of self motivated and dedicated leader.

Good things do not happen because we merely desire them or even deserve them. Instead, we have to make them happen by our iron will, hard work, sweat and toil. Life is what you make it, whether winning a bride or battle, face or fortune, power or position, health or wealth, success comes through positive thinking, planned action and profound enthusiasm.

If success is to come to you, you must play your part to encourage it by staking faith and displaying confidence. When you firmly believe in yourself and what you are seeking to accomplish as your life's missions, you will generate a force which will drive you to the successful attainment of your goal. If you believe in yourself others will automatically believe in you.

The leader who is fully confident of himself and of his ability to accomplish his task will radiate a certain pervasive influence which will inspire others to repose confidence in him and follow his leadership with zeal and enthusiasm, your disposition and attitude rather than your position or possessions will ultimately decide your success and happiness. Your tomorrow depends entirely what you do today. In a nutshell, life is what you make it.

The pathway to success is paved with sweat and toil and only those who venture to convert dreams into reality or the impossible into possible can claim the crown.