Light of Freedom & Unity [Archives:1998/19/Culture]

May 11 1998

The third book of the monthly Culture Series was recently issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Entitled “Al-Jawi: The Light of Freedom and Unity,” the book deals extensively with the life and times of the late Omar Al-Jawi – the courageous symbol of Yemeni patriotism.
The book is a collection of articles and essays written by more than 20 Yemeni politicians and intellectuals such as Abdulaziz Al-Maqaleh, Abdullah Al-Baradooni, Ahmed Jaber Afeef, and the Minister of Culture. It was edited by Saeed Al-Janahi and Abdulhafeedh Al-Nahari.
The Light of Freedom and Unity consists of 291 medium-format pages with indexes of historical documents and rare photographs.
Born in 1938 in Lahaj, Omar Al-Jawi was the leader of the Yemeni Unitary Congregation and was famous for his struggle against the backward regime of the Imam and fight for the unification of Yemen. He was a fearless and outspoken man, who always said the truth and criticized despots and dictatorships regardless of the consequences.