‘Link’ needs help to bring aid to Yemeni children [Archives:2002/46/Local News]

November 11 2002

Najat Abdu Al Zuheiri, chairwoman of the French organization Link, says Yemeni officials need to do a better job allowing humanitarian aid to help Yemen’s children.
The French organization which is representing Najat has sent various medicines and aids as a gift to the Yemeni children, particularly for those disabled, who were provided with equipment such as that in Athawra Hospital in Sana’a.
But Najat claims that Air Yemeni has recently not co-operated.
She said she felt disappointed over Air Yemenia for refusing to carry these medicines to Yemen, in spite of the clear instructions given by Yemen’s public health minister.
“We face a lot of difficulties. Firstly, we have to convince each citizen that Yemen is not a castle of terrorists, and secondly we have to draw the attention of the Yemenia and Embassy of Yemen to help their country,” said Najat.
“Link will come on August 2003 to bring medicines to Aden, Sana’a and Mukalla and in the future, bring the Yemeni children for surgeries in France,” she said.
It’s been 10 years since Najat, of Yemeni origin, began helping the underprivileged people, and taken an interest in the Arab world.
Najat worked for the French cultural center in Yemen before the 11th of September. She went to Palestine twice for peace workshops with Israeli organizations and French minister.
She also worked in the Arabic World Institute in Paris in the Department of Meetings and Lectures.