Lisbon Treaty [Archives:2008/1167/Community]

June 26 2008

By: Paul Kokoski
[email protected]

I wish to commend Irish voters for rejecting the Lisbon Treaty. Their vote is a reflection of the true heart and soul of a nation in touch with its democratic roots and moral foundation. Accepting the treaty would've helped solidify a European Union Constitution that already has broken good faith with organized religion by deliberately failing to mention Europe's Christian roots and identity.

A “Yes” vote would've enhanced the power of a European Union that unequivocally aims at forced compliance of all member states to accept a culture of death that includes homosexuality, same sex marriage and abortion.

French philosopher Jacques Maritain wrote that democracy – which many consider the best form of government – emerged as a temporal expression of evangelical inspiration and as such (in a historical rather than a dogmatic sense), is linked closely to Christianity.

The increasing tendency of European nations to repudiate their Christian roots isn't an expression of some morally superior tolerance for other cultures; rather, it's the authorization of an absolute way of thinking and living that's radically opposed to a variety of cultures that, in the end, are dogmatically relativistic.

Secularists are motivated by a totalitarian concept of the state, according to which the state is a sort of Supreme Being that's above us and tells us how to live. However, this isn't reality, as the state should conform to the society it serves – not the other way around. This is the essence of democracy, the opposite of which is dictatorship and totalitarianism.