Literary CornerCulture and the revolution in Yemen (2) [Archives:2007/1046/Culture]

April 30 2007

Abu Al-Kalima Al-Tayybah
In his literary way, Baraddooni analyzes the revolutionary track from its pre-1962 informal hodge-podge of underground cells tied by a loose camaraderie of friendship and common academic accomplishments over the span of three decades or so after the war with Saudi Arabia. Indeed, Baraddooni insists that most of the political maneuverings and activities prior to the 1948 Revolt against the Imam Yahya of Yemen is left a lot of track history by all the poetry and letters written by outspoken critics of the Imam. For many of these critics, the speaker's platform in the famous mosques of Sana'a (for people like Mohammed Abu-Talib (known as the “Orator””)