Literary CornerYemeni Annals (Hawliat Yamaniyah) (IV) [Archives:2006/998/Culture]

November 13 2006

Abu Al-Kalmah Al-Tayyibah
Subject Book: Yemeni Annals (Hawliat Yamaniyah)

[1224 – 1316 AH (1809 – 1898 AD)]

Author: Muhsin Bin Ahmed Al-Harazi et al

Checked and Edited by Abdullah Mohammed Al-Hibshi

Language: Arabic

Publisher: Ministry of Information and Culture

Year Published: 1400 AH/1980 AD

No. of Pages: 661

Continuing with the Turkish attack on the Wahhabi stronghold of Dir'iyah, the Turks filled the trenches and tunnels they had dug with gunpowder and made it look like they were evacuating the area, so the Najdis inside began to feel secure and the siege against Dir'iyah was over and the Turks had probably gotten bored over the Najdis refusing to abdicate. Just as the Najdis began to feel relaxed a whole lot of explosions sent the houses of Dir'iyah “high up to the sky and brought them plummeting down to ruins. The Najdi leader Ibn Saud was nowhere to be found however