Literary CornerYemeni Annals (Hawliat Yamaniyah) (VII) [Archives:2006/1010/Culture]

December 25 2006

Abu Al-Kalima Al-Tayybah
Subject Book: Yemeni Annals (Hawliat Yamaniyah)

[1224 – 1316 AH (1809 – 1898 AD)]

Author: Muhsin Bin Ahmed Al-Harazi et al

Checked and Edited by Abdullah Mohammed Al-Hibshi

Language: Arabic

Publisher: Ministry of Information and Culture

Year Published: 1400 AH/1980 AD

No. of Pages: 661

Continuing with a year by year summary of the Annals we proceed as follows:

1263 AH (1846 – 1847 AD): Imam Mohammed Bin Yahya Al-Mansour continues to consolidate his control of the country going down to Tehama. There the Imam encounters the Sherif Hussein and they met in the outskirts of Al-Qutai'a and there the Sherif told his men, “you take one third of the Imam's troops (who were recruited from all the major tribes of Yemen) and I will take two-thirds”” mocking at the Imam's forces! The author contends that the Sherif was shot with three bullets