Literary CornerYemeni Annals (Hawliat Yamaniyah) (VIII) [Archives:2007/1016/Culture]

January 15 2007

Abu Al-Kalima Al-Tayybah
Subject Book: Yemeni Annals (Hawliat Yamaniyah)

[1224 – 1316 AH (1809 – 1898 AD)]

Author: Muhsin Bin Ahmed Al-Harazi et al

Checked and Edited by Abdullah Mohammed Al-Hibshi

Language: Arabic

Publisher: Ministry of Information and Culture

Year Published: 1400 AH/1980 AD

No. of Pages: 661

The reason that this book is being given extensive coverage is because there are no public records to depict what transpired in the period covered by the book, and whatever sources exist for that period are fragmented and this work saves the tedious and timely task of trying to put all those sources together.

Continuing with a year by year summary of the Annals we proceed as follows:

1263 AH (1846 – 1847 AD continued): The author contends that the country went into chaos and the tribes continued to be unruly, to the point that whenever the Imam went out on a journey or expedition, even his own entourage that followed him would be looted, especially if the looters were aware that the Imam was not accompanying them. Even the officials would renounce their pledges for maintaining law and order would cut roads and rob travelers and prevent the Zakat from reaching the state treasury. One of these was Ahmed Bin Hussein Al-Baraty, who was the Administrator for Dhamar and Anis. The Imam Al-Hadi (Ali Bin Yahya) resigned his post and Al-Abbass Bin Abdul-Rahman Bin Mohammed Bin Hussein Bin Ahmed Bin Al-Mutawakkil Ali Isma'el took over as Imam, who called himself “Al-Moayyad”” (i.e.