Literary CornerYemeni Annals (Hawliat Yamaniyah) – (X) [Archives:2007/1028/Culture]

February 26 2007

Abu Al-Kalima Al-Tayybah
Subject Book: Yemeni Annals (Hawliat Yamaniyah)

[1224 – 1316 AH (1809 – 1898 AD)]

Author: Muhsin Bin Ahmed Al-Harazi et al

Checked and Edited by Abdullah Mohammed Al-Hibshi

Language: Arabic

Publisher: Ministry of Information and Culture

Year Published: 1400 AH/1980 AD

No. of Pages: 661

1291 AH (1874 – 1875 AD): From here onwards, the Turks solidify their hold on Sana'a and the surrounding area and try to make sure that this time their occupation holds good for the life of the Ottoman State. They impose their laws and levy their taxes and seek to penetrate north to some of the Zeidi strongholds in Kawkaban and even go North to Harib and Houth, trying to make good on the imposition of law and order in a country, long known for its defiance of authority and civil obedience. During thee period up to 1306 AH, the Zeidi Imams continued to proclaim themselves Imams from different parts of the country. Ibn Rashid also rose from Najd to try to revive their previous domination of the Najd, which was previously taken by the Wahhabis and their allies of the clan of Saud and temporarily by the Turks. They were spreading fast and headed for the Hejaz , as the author says, “with a large force with many cavalrymen and cannons and he has reached the periphery of Yam and the province of Aseer. Ibn Rashid had written to the Imam of Sa'ada