Literary CornerYemeni Annals (Hawliat Yamaniyah)(v) [Archives:2006/1004/Culture]

December 4 2006

Abu Al-Kalimah Al-Tayyibah
Subject Book: Yemeni Annals (Hawliat Yamaniyah) [1224 – 1316 AH (1809 – 1898 AD)]

Author: Muhsin Bin Ahmed Al-Harazi et al

Checked and Edited by Abdullah Mohammed Al-Hibshi

Language: Arabic

Publisher: Ministry of Information and Culture

Year Published: 1400 AH/1980 AD

No. of Pages: 661

Continuing with a year by year summary of the Annals we proceed as follows:

1254 (1838 – 1839 AD): The usual tribal difficulties and efforts by the Imam Al-Nasir Abdullah Ahsen Al-Mahdi to consolidate his rule and bring law and order to the outlying areas of Sana'a. He set out on an expedition against Hamdan tribe (north to northwest of Sana'a. He was able to overcome them with the help of the tribes of Arhab, Hamdan and Bani Al-Harith . In the meantime the Ottoman Turks, under Ibrahim Pasha (brother of Mohammed Ali Pasha (the Ottoman vassal ruler of Egypt) have consolidated their hold on the Tehama and wanted to got rid of their former vassals in the area the children of Turabah after killing their leader Ahsan Bin Yahya Turabah and his children were imprisoned and eventually killed.

1255 AH (1839 – 1840 AD). The northern tribes of Yam (near the Saudi border today), Gshm, Al-Ujman and Al Fatimah decided to overcome the drought they were encountering by running raids against the Turks in Tehama. They “took over all of Tehama