Living in the dark times [Archives:2007/1022/Viewpoint]

February 5 2007

Being in the media these days makes us only a messenger of bad news because most, if not all, of the events taking place around the world are wars, killings, destruction and continuous violations of human rights. Watching the news or reading newspapers has become depressing and I wouldn't do it unless I really had to. Many people I know have been put off and are either watching drama and entertainment programs or not watching TV at all. Newspaper readership around the world has reduced and there is some attraction towards tabloids and so-called entertaining papers that talk about celebrities and the weather.

Are we living a status of denial or are we simply looking for a way not to depress ourselves further.

The Middle East is one region where problems and crises never cease to exist. Palestine has never gone through a worse time than today with Palestinians not only targeted by Israel, but also busy killing each other. Vast problems include the war in Iraq, the Union of Islamic Courts in Somalia, Darfur in Sudan, Syria and the Palestinian refugees, Islamists in Egypt and Algeria, Al-Houthi insurgents in Sa'ada, Lebanonese disputes, sectarian conflicts in Bahrain, Kurds in Turkey, Iranian politics, Eastern Europe's complications such as in Serbia, the political unrest in the United States and the list goes on.

As if there are not enough civil crises, the policies of some countries trigger internal conflicts by targeting minorities, for example, the headscarf banning in France and now Germany and Belgium, which affects the stability of the communities.

However, although it seems Asia is doing relatively well. Yet, even in Asia problems exist with minorities and political insurgents and also natural disasters and, to top the list, global warming. It is as if the earth is fed up with the people on top of it and decided to melt them away.

These are dark times where we live in today. So much conflict and bloodshed one wonders if politicians ever learn from history or if the earth is getting too crowded for everyone to live in peace together.