Loads of TNT seized in Al-Mahara [Archives:2003/639/Local News]

June 5 2003

A large amount of TNT explosives was seized in Al-Mahara last week. Security forces there stated that a car -Diana Model- loaded with 7.5 tons of TNT originating from Mukala had been arrested after discovering the contents of the vehicle. It was reported in Al-Ayyam daily on Wednesday May 28 that the vehicle was captured in Al-Mahara, Sayhoot district containing around 150 sacks of Red Dynamite. The driver did not have a license for carrying the explosives and hence was immediately arrested and taken to Sana'a where he is being interrogated. Initial investigations did not reveal much regarding the source of explosives, but concern is made regarding his confession that he was supplied with the dynamite material from another vehicle, which was without a number-board outside Al-Mukala.
A consequence of such events was to tighten security on highways between cities especially the capital entrances and around diplomatic premises and embassies as precautionary measures.