Local Administration Minister Holds Press Conference [Archives:2001/12/Local News]

March 19 2001

All measures related to the internal elections of local councils in governorates and districts have been completed and overseeing committees will finish their job on Friday 23 of this month, Local Administration minister Sadeq Ameen Abu Ras said at a press conference held on Sunday.
The minister added that the number of overseeing committees observing the internal elections totalled 372, with 1116 members selected from among qualified administrative workers. Members of the committees, chosen by the local administration ministry and the state administration apparatus, have at least a university degree and 5-years experience in administration.
The minister elaborated that the number of local councils, after creating new districts in cities and governorates’ capitals, reached 358, 338 in the districts and 20 in the governorates.
The local administration minister also clarified that local elections have not been held in 14 constituencies, 13 of which are districts and one Al-Jawf governorate.
At the conclusion of his press conference the minister indicated that the boundaries of the new districts had been defined and necessary plans for that started in 40% of those districts.