Local Council approves deposing Sirwah governor [Archives:2003/650/Local News]

July 14 2003

In its last meetings held last Tuesday, the Local Council affiliated to Sirwah district, Marib governorate decided relieving the colonel Najeeb al-Salahi of his post, as a governor of the district.
The council decision was based on accusations against Mr. al-Salahi of committing abuses of his post.
Mr. al-Salahi has recently led a mediation and contacts with Abu Asem, (Mohammed Hamdi al-Ahdal), al-Qaeda key masterminds wanted by the US and some government's officials in the hope of convincing Abu Asem to surrender himself to the security authorities. But that mediation had failed.
Al-Salahi is believed to be involved in killing al-Huraibi in Sana'a during the post-unification.