“Local elections results are not true” says Islah Party [Archives:2006/990/Local News]

October 16 2006

SANA’A, Oct. 15 ) The Islah Party critized the handling of the election results by the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum

The problem is not with the announced results, but with those who are still frozen and further the ruling party broke into the polling centers and confiscated the documents and minutes which were signed by one party, said Ibrahim Al-Hayer, in charge of elections office affiliated with Islah Party, in a press statement.

Additionally, Al-Hayer accused the ruling party of confiscating polling boxes in Sa’ada governorate and other districts including Sharaab, Al-Salam in Taiz, Al-Zaher in Al-Jawf and some other districts in Ibb and Hajjah.

He also pointed out the suspended centers are those of opposition, noting some centers submitted appeals to judiciary in Aden and Ibb and the judiciary approved their victory there; however, results are still suspended.

He further expressed his sorrow for the way by which the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum dealt with the election results, accusing the commission of being “run from outside.

[Archives:2006/990/Local News]