Local Sports News [Archives:1998/25/Sports]

June 22 1998

1. Lahej Tournament Continues:
The third game in the Lahej Governorate Football Tournament was played on Saturday, June 20th, in a game that pitched Al-Talaiya against Naser Al-Hamra. The game ended in favor of Talaiya 4-2.
The tournament had been kicked off on Tuesday the 16th in a game between Al-Salam and Al-Hilal, which ended in a no-score match. The second match was played between Al-Sherarah and Al-Waht in a one-sided play that ended 6-2 in favor of Al-Sherarah.
The Lahej Tournament is one of a series of games that are organized in the various governorates during the summer.
2. Sa’adah Mobilizes Sports Activities:
The Youth and Sports Office in Sanaa brought together all the sports clubs in the governorate in an effort to breathe life into various sports activities in the governorate. The point of emphasis was participation in the President’s Cup in Football which is scheduled for 7th of July.
The officials also discussed reviving participation in various athletics that the republic will witness, also during July.
3. Al-Wahdah of Aden Remains on Top
Al-Wahdah of Aden was able to retain its top position in the First Class Teams’ Tournament in the Republic. The team withstood pressure from the challenging team, Hilal of Hodeidah. A fierce and highly competitive match played on Friday the 19th ended with a tie of 2-2.
Al-Wahdah, with 21 points, has yet to pass another hurdle – defeating Al-Saqr of Taiz, to win the trophy.
4. July 7th Marathon:
Preparations are fully underway for a 7th of July Marathon which is being organized by the Yemen Athletics Association (YAA). The occasion marks the re-affirmation of Yemeni unity.
Teams from all over the republic will participate in the various games which will be undertaken. In the governorates, competitions continue to pick the winners who will go to Sanaa for the events.
Mr. Fouad Al-Kumam, Chairman of the YAA, he identified the goals of the marathon as the expansion of the games and the participation of athletes in them. “We are especially interested in the young blood that is going to come from the governorates,” he said.
Mr. Al-Kumaim also pointed to the enthusiastic support and sponsorship of the private sector in these games. However, he indicated that Yemen Airlines was, so far, the main sponsor.