Local woman candidates [Archives:2006/976/Local News]

August 28 2006

SANA'A, Aug. 26 ) The Homeland Alliance organization demanded support for women candidates for local councils elections. The call was addressed to all political forces, legal and developmental civil society organizations, the private sector and voters, asking them to offer support for woman candidates to the local councils.

A statement issued by the organization's secretariat Friday appealed for all those organizations to stand behind the186 female candidates. The number of women to come forward for membership of the nationwide governorates and districts of Yemen is most recorded in history.

The organization stressed the commitment by the president who issued a directive for the withdrawal of party-member candidates from election stations and constituencies where women are nominated. The move will provide an opportunity for women by stopping the practice of pressure and all sorts of social and institutional violence against women to force them withdraw through means of aggression and terrorization.

Homeland Alliance has asked all people concerned with the electoral process to work for documenting violations committed against female candidates and report them to legal organizations and to disclose them in the media. It also asked the political parties to provide their female candidates with all means of material and moral support to ensure their success and victory in the local councils in parallel to the support offered to their male candidates. The organization asked the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum to provide moral support for independent candidates.

The organization concluded its statement by calling on all voters to grant women their confidence and to vote for them. Women are also confident that the religious establishment will offer them ample support, particularly by religious scholars, mosque preachers and religious candidates. The goal is their effective participation in the advancement of Yemen and the realization of their dignity along with their men brethren.