Longest Saudi Carrier Lands in Aden Port [Archives:1999/51/Local News]

December 20 1999

A longest and deepest Carrier landed at Aden Port. It is called (Saudi- Abha), came from Jedah Port. It is 249 meters long, and 10 meters deep. It carries 2540 tons of rolls. The ship unloaded 1241 rolls for one of the Yemeni companies.
It has been noted that Saudi-Abha Carrier chose Aden Port to unload its cargo because of the depth and roundness of the Port which enable it to receive inter-oceanic and international giant carriers. Aden Containers Port has witnessed continuous activities since the beginning of March 19, 99. The number of ships and carriers up to the end of October, 99 is about 134. They unloaded 47873 Containers.
Statistics indicate that incomes of fees in Aden Port kept in increase since March, 99. For example, in March99 it was (YR 11,450,191), while in October it accounted to (YR 990,315,532).