Loss of Face [Archives:2002/06/Focus]

February 4 2002

Mohammed Nooman Al-Hakimi
[email protected]
Conspiracies hatched against Arab and Muslim world have been quite unreserved. Apart from the many-faced retrogression of lives dealt comprehensively or in part, we have unspeakably come to suffer a much more deadly decline, it is the loss of identity.
At the time when enemies are going full stream to attain the highest degrees of power and efficiently, we still consent to scandals and cling to backwardness; and down the drain to ask for dignity at the caves of disgrace. Thus, we dont know reality with whom we associate and to whom we frankly belong and adhere!! As a matter of fact, most of the Arab countries along with their people have now made surrender to enemies, trying to content them the way they ask for. They have made many relinquishments presented in creating real charges in all areas of their political and social lives.
Such relinquishment indicates how we factually pine and peak. However, enemies are still poised to tarnish and gnaw even more at the Arab entitys heart. To add insult to injury, there have been recently fearful retrogressions of religious reinforcement in the manners and behavior of our generation as well. Lots just imitate the West and East in lots of things contrasted with our preaching. Further, there is no genuine planning towards apprehending and applying the Islamic preaching and commands perfectly. This has helped in sending away our great heritage and wiping off all specks of better morrow.
Completely scattered, we re made for surrender
Made to bow low for a lower pretender
Yielding up every thing weve been given
Living with the long odds of being forgiven