Lost dreams [Archives:2005/857/Community]

July 7 2005

By S.W
When I was a kid, I had big dreams and I wanted to

be on the top as a V.I.P.

Years after years I tried to achieve my ambitions.

When I was in school I was the first in my class. I studied hard to get high marks to be able to study in the college I wanted.

Later on, when I submitted the entrance examination, I was sure that I would pass but to my surprise, they told me that I had failed, I was too upset because I knew that many students had passed and had taken my chances by having inside help.

I tried for another college but failed again, which made me so frustrated.

Then I realized that I would not be able to enter any

college without inside help.

After that, I got it and entered college and was surprised to see how different the teachers dealt with the students who was accepted with inside help.

After I graduated, I looked for a job but couldn't find a good one eventhough I had a good certificate. I soon ended up working as a seller.

I soon realized that I am a very unlucky person.