Love is You [Archives:2008/1185/Community]

August 28 2008

Fuad Noman
[email protected]

All day and night long

Captivated by the melody's allure

Into my soul

A rare hidden voice prolongs,

Penetrates and soars

Hearing the striking nightingale's song

On the great Chinese wall

Playing its unique clarinet

To go beyond the Time's rhythm

He extends the beauty's size

With my heart's song for all

When it intones the balanced wisdom

All oceans releasing their tears of joy

In tune and on the same wavelength

Its unique power stands firm

Against The demon's gale

Showing the peaceful way

For love rather than the fatal dismay

Man's life sailing in dark

With the time's oars

Nothing changed in depth

As my heartbeat is still as it was

I will do what the real dream does

Into soul, Love sails deeper and deeper

Sending down the rhymes of dew

To the petals of my terrific rose

To water down her hurtful tears and sorrows

As if I were an infant suckling its mother's milk

Granting me the strength of horse

The sunbeams darn your love's silk

To protect our love's innocent birth

To grow up in my love's course

Almost and what remains is always really false

To shake; to retrieve your love

Look how my heart's countryside

Depicting your soul's show

Now, you can check and review

You will see how I can give you my love

Because my heart wishes to love you

No one only you who could touch my heart

Look how my love can be seen

Thus; I always deny that “Love is Blind”

For the reason that Love is You