Love Sans Frontiers [Archives:1999/24/Front Page]

June 14 1999

It is true, the lovers of the late Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf, publisher of the Yemen Times had exceeded geographical borders and came from all over the world to the office of Yemen Times. The Yemen Times Website at was flooded with visitors from all over the world. The website was almost going down since the traffic was so high. People accessed the site to know what and how this happened. They couldn’t believe their eyes. Some even thought the site was hacked! They didn’t want to believe their eyes. Around 500 emails of condolences were received here in just a few days. Some were angry, some were sad, but they all showed how known and beloved Dr. Saqqaf was. I even read an email from a person willing to personally come to Yemen just to pay condolence to the staff and family. 
It thrilled us how they all looked at us with hope and optimism that the paper would go on and become stronger every day. Their confidence in the Yemen Times was extremely strong. We appreciate all this support, and promise you all to carry on our mission with determination and faith. Yemen Times along with Yemen Times Online are now the window of Yemen on the world, and they will continue to be so forever.