Love’s Islet [Archives:2006/1005/Community]

December 7 2006

By: Fuad Noman
[email protected]


With the color of coral reefs

The dawn's portrait Mixing the night's tears

The mystical power of soul's agility can't freeze

The deluge of heart's joy can also increase

Staggering on her breathing space

But I cannot peek over more what behind is

Only to my love's islet I ever built

Other than my deep zeal bears a dark threat

The dreadful evil's deed and my inner conflict

I have tried to propel my heart by cloud's trip

My soul hovers over her pretty leet

A real fact without breathing wings

How can it fleet?

To elect the truthful sense

As my heart's Feat

My wish proof is about to rive and pleat

Where can I find my atoll?

In the long night alleyway

Or in the innocent rose injured

Still obscured

In the ocean's depth

Her being cut into strips

No one can grab hold of her bird

My soul's sonata can't be easily died

But tempting my mind-set to dive

Its melody strongly trusts in my real vibe

It is my life's hilarity that I can't hide

As my oeillade won't also elide

And my blood can sate her to be ripe