LS Condemns Attacking Dr. Hassan Mujalis Office [Archives:2001/03/Local News]

January 15 2001

Following opening fire at the office of Dr. Hassan Mujali 4/1/2001, the Lawyers Syndicate (LS) issued a report condemning this aggressive act and requested the Justice Minister, Attorney General, Interior Ministry to arrest those responsible for the attack and bring them to justice.
Lawyer Hassan Mujali, Sanaa University law doctor, was subject to an attempted murder at eleven thirty Thursday evening January 4. Two armed men opened fire on the main gate of his office, located in the old al-Asbahi city, in an attempt to kill him when employees working in the office went out from the small gate. After that they flew away using a police Toyota car, beige color, whose number was noted down and given to the security.
Dr. Hassan had left the office some time before that day. On the following day, an anonymous person called at the office and told the employees to tell Dr. Hassan that this was just the beginning.
Eyewitnesses said attackers had already kept watching Dr. Mujalis office and asked about the people working in. Even after the incident a four-men group came from time to time and kept watching the office.
The office issued reports requesting authorities concerned to hold the attackers responsible to ensure the state of law and order and stop these aggressive acts, especially as the attackers were driving a police car. The office appealed to all human rights organizations and those working in the field of law to condemn this act. This can be taken as a prelude to their barbaric acts and further suppression of lawyers and other academics, the report says.