Lufthansa Brings European Travel Editors [Archives:1998/45/Local News]

November 9 1998

Lufthansa German Airlines is flying in several journalists from Europe specializing in tourism. They come from Germany, the UK, Italy, France, Switzerland and Austria. 
Local partners co-sponsoring the efforts are Sheraton Sanaa Hotel, Yemenia Yemen Airways, Yata, UNIVERSAL Travel & Tourism and others. Of course, the Ministry of Tourism and Culture is also fully involved. 
According to the program, the group will arrive at night on 11th November. They spend the next day in Sanaa, then drive to Mareb. They will spend their 4th day in Wadi Hadhramaut, before they fly back from Seiyoun to Sanaa on November 15th. Nari Shahani of Lufthansa says his company’s work to present Yemen as a good tourist destination is bearing fruit.