Luqman’s imprisonment term reduced to 5 years [Archives:2005/851/Local News]

June 16 2005

SANA'A- The final verdict issued by the Specialist Penal Court confirmed the conviction of Mohammad Ali Luqman, Judge of Haraz Court, Sana'a governorate.

Under the verdict, Judge Luqman received a 5-year imprisonment term after being accused by the government of inciting ethnical and sectarian conflicts, attacking the authorities and being involved in a band affiliated by al-Houthi organization.

The verdict covered evidence of several charges attributed to Luqman, and due to insufficient evidence that the innate assaulted the authorities, the sentence was reduced from ten to five years in prison to be implemented from the day following his arrest in July 2004.

Prior to this, Judge Luqman was sentenced to ten years in jail.

Judge Luqman was arrested on July 27 on charges of inciting rebellion in Haraz District, forming a branch of the “Faithful Youth” organization, which was led by slain Hussein al-Houthi as well as instigating his followers to coupe against the regime and violate the law.