Mahhathir Mohammed Due in Sana’a Next Wednesday [Archives:2001/33/Front Page]

August 13 2001

Mr. Mohammed Taha Mustafa Ambassador of Yemen to Malaysia stated that Yemeni-Malaysian relations have witnessed great developments at many different levels. In a statement to Saba News Agency Mr. M. Taha added that Yemeni-Malaysian relations have gained momentum following the visit paid by the President of the Republic to Malaysia on February 1998. Mr. M. Taha further added that the visit of Dr. Mahhathir Mohammed to Yemen in the middle of the current month will further enhance existing relations between the two countries.
Furthermore, Mr. M. Taha noted that President Saleh will receive Dr. Mahhatir and that the two sides will hold talks tackling bilateral relations and cooperation issues between the two brotherly countries. Prime Minister Abdulqadir Bajammal will chair the Yemeni side during the talks between the two countries.
It is worth mentioning that Dr. Mahhatir Mohammed Prime Minister of the Federation of Malaysia will be accompanied by a high ranking delegation including many businessmen and investors.