MAJ and Chinamoxmart got partners [Archives:2004/795/Local News]

December 2 2004

Raidan Al-Saqqaf
An announcement celebration took place at Aden Hotel Monday Nov 29 on the occasion of the signing the partnership between Juma'an Establishment (MAJ) and the Chinese company Chinamoxmart. The partnership brought the name 'MAJ China Moxmart for Trade and Investment' that inaugurated Al-Basateen International and Commercial Center and the project of the company in the Free Zone. This project is considered of the greatest investment ones in the industrial area in the Aden's Free Zone, which will create chances for Yemeni employment.
The celebration was attended by Abdulakarim Shaef, Deputy Governor of Aden, Waheed Rasheed, Undersecretary of the governorate, Sheik Mohammed Ba Mashmous, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Aden, Sheik Abdullah Al-Rammah, Deputy Chairman of the Chamber, Wang Wei, General Director of Chinamoxmart for Trade and Investment and the Chinese consul in Aden. The celebration was also attended by a number of politicians, businessmen, pressmen and sociable personalities.
During the celebration, Abdulkarim Shaef, Mohammed Ahmed Juma'an, Chairman of the Board of MAJ, and Sheik Mohammed Bamashmous delivered speeches explaining the overwhelming happiness on this great occasion that opens new horizons for new investment in Aden that's considered a promising city with many investment chances.
The Chinese delegation went after that to headquarter of Al-Basateen Int. Commercial Center and saw its contents that occupies 1600 square meters. They listened to a detailed explanation about the components of the center, which is a beautiful piece of architecture at the entrance of Aden. Further detailed information will be presented in the coming issue.