Majd vs Saqr: TIE OR FIGHT? [Archives:1998/23/Sports]

June 8 1998

Within the framework of the first division tournament qualifying matches, the Majd of Sanaaa played against the Saqr of Taiz last Thursday. The match was riotous and ended dramatically. The first half of the match was mediocre; the performance of the Al-Saqr team was characterized by caution and their attempts to score were most powerful and threatening to the Al-Majd team. Both teams failed to score a goal in the first half.
During the first 5 minutes of the second half, Esam Abdo of Al-Saqr managed to score, but the performance of the Al-Saqr team gradually regressed leaving Al-Majd to control the rest of the game, and managed to score, ending the game with a one-score draw. The fans along with the players were very nervous, especially after the 1-1 draw. Some fans tried to attack the players, throwing bottles at them.