Make good habits [Archives:2004/717/Culture]

March 4 2004

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The saying “It's better to wear out than to rust out” plays an important role as a stimulus.
And right use of time is the most precious factor for a student.
The art of using time to do as much good as we can neglect no opportunity of improving ourselves intellectually and morally.
The rules can best be expressed negatively in the form of rust. They take the form of warnings against the various ways in which we are tempted to waste our time.
This situation can be captured by avoiding lateness.
It is wittily said “he lost half an hour every morning and ran after it all the day without being able to overtake it.
The second important factor is the proper use of money in the right time. Do you believe that money to a certain extent is power? Yes, it is, and its proper utilization can do much good and on the contrary can do much evil. It may set up a new standard for some men and cause the ruin of some others.
The third most important factor is known as the second nature of the person. Try your best since your childhood to bring this motto of “It's better to wear out than to rust out” into your second nature. Then you will be the one who can enjoy its taste.