Make your work place a better place [Archives:2007/1053/Education]

May 21 2007

By Mrs. Lakshmi Suraj
Engineering Secretary
Movenpick Hotel
[email protected]

Awareness about workplace ethics, especially on the part of executives, plays a vital role in promoting a healthy work culture. The following tips would help you to enrich your work place ecology and make you a vibrant professional.

– Don't discriminate against any prospective employees, associates, consultants and clients whatever their race, color, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic or national origins, mental or physical condition, age or marital status.

– All employees, associates and consultants should treat all clients and members of the public equally and will not discriminate against them on any of the above grounds.

– No reports written or verbal or any documentation issued or drafted by any of your employees, associates or consultants should contain implied or explicit discrimination due to any of these factors.

– Establish and maintain a working environment in which recruitment and promotion within the company is based on merit.

– Provide terms and conditions, training, promotion and an objective appraisal irrespective of their personal attributes or social affiliations.

– No applicant for employment should be treated less favorably than another on any of the grounds (except where there are legal limitations, e.g. persons aged over 65 and under 18 in certain jobs).

– Ensure that selection decisions are made on ability only using objective job related criteria.

– Maintain a workforce that broadly reflects the local community in which we operate. Monitor and analyze information from job applicants to include data relating to their racial or ethnic group, gender, marital status and disability status.

– Any acts of discrimination including harassment should be grounds for disciplinary action and any complaints raised should be handled through grievance procedure.

– Don't entertain any employee to make groups or gangs within the company of any kind whatsoever.

If the above criteria are scrupulously observed the work place will provide an ideal environment conducive to mental and professional growth of the employees.