Malaria threatens Hajjah governorate [Archives:2008/1136/Health]

March 10 2008

SirajaddinAl- Muqri
[email protected]
For The Yemen Times

A recent proliferation of malaria is threatening nine districts in Hajjah governorate with a combined population of nearly 590,000. Most of those infected are children, pregnant women and the elderly. Even worse, these nine districts are suffering a medical supply shortage.

Bani Qais and Aslam are two of the most malaria-affected districts, followed by Khubran, Aflah Al-Sham, Qufl Shamar, Abs, Mustaba, Kashur and Kuaidina. According to the 2004 general census, these districts are densely populated.

“Malaria is spreading in Hajjah. We're usually able to discover infected cases year-round. The disease is responsible for numerous deaths, particularly in areas with harsh topography where citizens have no easy access to hospitals or health care facilities,” noted Taha Yahya Bari with Khairan Muharraq district's Health Center.

Ibrahim Yousef