Man kills wife and two of his children [Archives:2003/08/Local News]

February 24 2003

Ibrahim Addahan
Ibb YT correspondent
IBB – An old Yemeni man killed his wife and two of his sons in an incident that is the most horrifying of its kind in the governorate of Ibb.
Derhim Ahmed Khushafa, 55, killed his eldest son, Fahed Khushafa, 25, and his youngest son, 11, Najm along with his wife when she stood up in defense of her children.
Fortunately, the wife was able to prevent her husband from killing the rest of his children before she was murdered. The man was suffices by his action so he went to his sister and shot her in her leg.
Following the incident, the man, whose motives are still unknown, fled to his village but later surrendered himself to the police. Some villagers said that his children were disobedient to him and always arouse his anger. A reliable source told Yemen Times that the man was mentally ill and seemed to have desire to kill his family members.
Several suicide and similar murder incidents have occurred lately throughout the country, many of them had social and economic reasons behind them.