Man murdered in Amran in violent confrontations [Archives:2003/683/Local News]

November 6 2003

By Saddam Al-Asmhoori
Yemen Times Staff

Amran, November 5 – A man was killed when he tried to settle a fight between fighting tribesmen in the popular market of Amran governorate on Tuesday.
Lutf Al-Budhbudhi was shot dead after he interfere in an attempt to end an armed confrontation between Ali Qaid Al-Usra and Al-Sharafi after a verbal dispute that resulted in having al-Sharafi use his pistol in shooting Lutf and killing him instantly.
The murder resulted in outrage and chaos in the market as people from the victim’s side used bats and other weapons to attack the murderer.
Security forces later arrived and arrested Al-Sharafi and Al-Usra, who were taken for interrogation.
It is wroth noting that similar incidents happen quite often in Yemen, particularly in tribal areas where weapons are commonly carried and used by the population as they are considered part of the culture of the tribal society. The government has failed on many occasions to disarm tribesmen and legalize the carrying of weapons, which amount to almost 50 million pieces scattered throughout the country.