Man murders four [Archives:2005/851/Local News]

June 16 2005

Four people were killed early this week in the rural area of Wosab al-Ali in Dhamar province. Wadhah al-Zubair, his mother, his brother and Ghaleb al-Jarifah were shot dead by middle-aged Alwan who fled the scene immediately after the crime.

Local sources told the Yemen Times that the murder was the killer's response to the attempt of his ex-in-laws to marry off his divorced wife.

“He was furious to hear that his ex-wife would be married to another man,” the source said. “Therefore, he picked up his gun and went over to his ex-father-in-law's and opened fire on the matchmaking gathering killing his ex-wife's mother, and two brothers besides the matchmaker.”

It is reported that district's security forces came to the village just to confiscate the killer's bull and cow while the too-jealous divorcee is still at large.