Mansoor Rajih Case Resolved [Archives:1998/04/Front Page]

January 26 1998

It is over, though the fat woman has yet to sing. But, it is practically over. Sheikh Abdo Al-Dhurafi has successfully mediated with the blood heirs of the deceased person to let him go. They have finally agreed, and Mr. Mansoor Rajih, after fifteen years in jail, will be free. The departure arrangements are now underway. Norway has given the fugitive and his wife political asylum and that is where they will first go. It is possible they will settle there, or that they will eventually settle in some third country. The details of the deal are not available for publication, though rumor has it that the President was generous with the blood heirs in order to secure their approval. Yemen Times learned that the Human Rights Committee of the Consultative Council will lead the hand-over, possibly to the British Ambassador in Sanaa, as his country has presidency of the EU at this time. The Europeans have raised this issue often. This case represents the oldest human rights problem in the country. The case is resolved to the satisfaction of all parties.